TEN514 Zoho Support Services

CDC has 2 existing separate Zoho Databases.

The CIOSGH database uses a Zoho One platform that has been developed over the last 5 years with 33 users.  The database has some bespoke options to aid in the development of the delivery of the GIOSGH programme.  Primarily this is to track the CIOSGH’s interaction with Small and Medium Enterprises (including Sole Traders) from initial point of contact through business diagnostics to provision of information or signposting to appropriate further business support, the production of reports for workflow management/reporting to stakeholders and maintenance/storage of client records for GDPR/audit purposes.

The CDC database has 50 active Enterprise Licences.  Currently CDC only uses the CRM functionality with a limited Outlook add-on.  The system has been developed to meet 3 specific requirements: Management of Grants (See Enclosure 1 for the Blueprint of this process); Tracking of interactions with SMEs to support the collation of evidence for 12 hours of support and Monitoring of enquires for Inward Investors to Cornwall and exports from Cornwall.  CDC’s database supports the delivery of nine programmes has developed slightly different Zoho processes and reports to meet the specific needs of their programme.

This tender is for ongoing support and development of these databases.

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Tender returns for this opportunity close at 1700 on 22 October 2021



Application closing date - 5:00pm - 22nd October 2021